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Free Phonics Worksheets - Volume 1
Letter Candy (v1-01)
Consonants & Vowels
Funny Fish (v1-02)
Consonants & Vowels
  Super Square (v1-03)
Consonants & Vowels
  Splendid Sounds (v1-04)
Short Vowel Sounds
Ben's Bedroom (v1-05)
Beginning Consonant B
  Delightful Design (v1-06)
Beginning Consonant D
  Fix It Fun (v1-07)
Beginning Consonant F
  A Hip Hopper (v1-08)
Beginning Consonant H
Flying High (v1-09)
Beginning Consonants J and K
  Leapin' Lizards (v1-10)
Beginning Consonant L
  Morning Mania (v1-11)
Beginning Consonant M
  Nuts for Ned (v1-12)
Beginning Consonant N
Picture It (v1-13)
Beginning Consonant P
  Rob and Rod Rat (v1-14)
Beginning Consonant R
  Sneaky Ship (v1-15)
Beginning Consonant S
  Ted Turtle (v1-16)
Beginning Consonant T
Wendy Walrus (v1-17)
Beginning Consonant W
  Zoom! (v1-18)
Beginning Consonants V, Y and Z
  Crazy Corner (v1-19)
Beginning Consonant C
  Purple Primate (v1-20)
Beginning Consonant G

Missing Instrument (v1-21)
Beginning Consonant Q
Ending Consonant X

  Name That Picture (v1-22)
Beginning Consonants
  Double Time (v1-23)
Ending Consonants
  Mystery Picture (v1-24)
Ending Consonant S and Plurals
Match 'Em (v1-25)
Ending Blends lk, ft, lf,
lm, lp, lt and mp
  The Elk and the Ant (v1-26)
Ending Blends nd, nk,
nt, pt, sk and st
  Mini Stories (v1-27)
Beginning Blends bl, br, cl, cr, dr
fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, sc and sw
  Picture Blender (v1-28)
Beginning Blends sk, sl, sm, sn, sp
st, tr, tw, scr, spl, spr and str
Chuggin' Choo Choo (v1-29)
Consonant Digraph ch
  Picnic Party (v1-30)
Consonant Digraph ck
  Splash! (v1-31)
Consonant Digraph sh
  Rockin' Thad (v1-32)
Consonant Digraph th
Whispering Whales (v1-33)
Consonant Digraph wh
  Sam Shrimp (v1-34)
Consonant Digraphs shr, squ and thr
  Maze Madness (v1-35)
Silent e
  Ann and Abe (v1-36)
Long A and Short A Vowel Sounds
Ned and Pete (v1-37)
Long E and Short E Vowel Sounds
  Mike and Mick (v1-38)
Long I and Short I Vowel Sounds
  The Hole Story (v1-39)
Long O Vowel Sound
  Bud and June (v1-40)
Long U and Short U Vowel Sounds
Free Phonics Worksheets - Volume 2
Paint Pails (v2-01)
Long Vowel A (ai)
Hay Day (v2-02)
Long Vowel A (ay)
  What Do You See? (v2-03)
Long Vowel E (ee)
  Jean and Dean (v2-04)
Long Vowel E (ea)
EEEEEK! (v2-05)
Long Vowel E (e)
  Hidden Words (v2-06)
Long Vowel E (ie)
  Crazy Crossword (v2-07)
Long Vowel I (ie)
  Shy Tyrone (v2-08)
Long Vowel I (y)
The Man and the Dog (v2-09)
Long Vowel I (ind)
  What a Day! (v2-10)
Long Vowel O (oa)
  Oh Deer! (v2-11)
Long Vowel O (oe and o)
  Meal Time (v2-12)
Long Vowel O (ol)
Scare the Crows (v2-13)
Long Vowel O (ow)
  The New Stew (v2-14)
Long Vowel U and OO (ew)
  When I Am Blue... (v2-15)
Long Vowel U (ou, ui, and ue)
  Oodles of Cool Words (v2-16)
Long Vowel U (oo)
Right on Target (v2-17)
R-controlled Vowel ar
  Dinner Time (v2-18)
R-controlled Vowels er, ir and ur
  The Corny Fort (v2-19)
R-controlled Vowel or
  Put Out the Fire (v2-20)
Spare Square (v2-21)
  Catchin' Air (v2-22)
  Oh, Boy! (v2-23)
Diphthongs oy and oi
  Check It Out! (v2-24)
Diphthongs ou and ow
At Dawn (v2-25)
Diphthongs au and aw
  All Day (v2-26)
-all and -al
  My Grandpa (v2-27)
Reading Multi-syllable Words
  Get the Swing of It (v2-28)
Quick as a Wink (v2-29)
  Thank You (v2-30)
  The Band (v2-31)
  Mr. Wong's Song (v2-32)
The Bell Has Rung (v2-33)
  Hodge-Podge Lodge (v2-34)
  Silly Willy (v2-35)
  Happy Birthday! (v2-36)
Ned's Red Guitars (v2-37)
More sounds of ea
  4 Square! (v2-38)
More sounds of ou
  Picture Crossword (v2-39)
More sounds of oo
  Photo Fun (v2-40)
ph and gh
Shhhhhhhhh! (v2-41)
Silent Consonants


Jade and Chip's Amazing Snow Dance
(A story to practice the skills learned on Phonics Volume 2.)

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